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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Blogs in Practice Part 3

The Science is Fun blog is a great example of how you can use blogging to teach science. The teacher who created this blog uses it to pose questions to students and review labs that they conduct in class. He also uses the blog to share files such as notes, worksheets and Power Point presentations with his students. There are also several postings where the teacher shares a web-based resource such as a website or virtual simulation to demonstrate a scientific concept to students.


Jerry Mullins said...

Thank you for your comments to my "Science is Fun" page. My name is Jerry Mullins and I teach in West Virgina. I too believe in incorporating as much 21st century technology in the classroom. I believe that it gets the students actively involved in their own learning.

Not only do I offer this for my school but I offer it to all students in Kanawha County School District to assist them in understanding science and to peer teach across the different grade levels.

Once again thank you for you comments

Stein Brunvand said...

You bet. I look forward to keeping an eye on your blog to see what other great ideas I can get, and pass along to my preservice students.

john hartleben said...

my teacher Mr. Mullins is one of the coolest teachers I have. He uses the coolest teaching style i have ever seen I enjoy how he incorporates the 21st century into his teaching