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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Photovisi is a perfect example of a simple tool that is also simple to use. It fits all my criteria for a tool to use in education.

  • Is it free? Yep!
  • Does it work on multiple platforms/browsers? Yep!
  • Does it require any downloads or installation? Nope!
  • Does it require users to register and log in? Nope!

What more could you ask for in regards to simplicity of use? You pick a collage/wallpaper template, upload your pictures and Photovisi does the rest. Once you have uploaded your images you can choose to download your collage in different sizes and then distribute it or use it as you see fit. The great thing about this tool is that kids could use it easily since it wouldn't require an account, login or e-mail. They could create collages on different subjects, historical characters, books and any number of other things as a way to visually demonstrate their learning or to accompany presentations or other multimedia projects.

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