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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Online Video Editors

I will admit that I haven't used any of these tools but I wanted to share with all of you a blog posting I found on online video editing tools. Many of these tools allow you to upload video, photos and audio and do basic editing online for free. They all differ in various ways with regards to the interface layout, options for adding titles, graphics, transitions and effects and also the option to download your finished product as a video file. You can read about the different tools at and also a recent addition to the list is reviewed at Now it looks like you can even create a video collaboratively online! As you might imagine, bandwidth would become a major issue with these tools especially if you are going to be uploading real video footage as opposed to just static images. I'm not sure this would work so well in a computer lab setting as it would probably placet too high of a demand on the network to move data back and forth but the idea of being able to edit video online and collaboratively certainly piqued my interest.

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