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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wikis Explained

In case anyone is still having trouble with the concept of a Wiki here is a great video that explains the idea behind a Wiki in plain English. It isn't related to education per se but I think you will get the point about the purpose and use of Wikis. Plus, I think this video is a great blending of old technology (paper and marker) and new technology (digital video, Wikis).


Jenn Barczyk said...

Wow! I love this video, and it definitely explains everything very clearly.

jeff bouwman said...

This is a really good video. I would like to show this to my class maybe second semester to try and use a wiki. That is if the steal internet curtain allows me to use this YouTube video! I think I would set up a story map from one of our guided reading stories. Students could use the wiki just as the four did in the video. However, I was a little disappointed Stein - no ninja video?! Where is the ninja to better explain? If podcasting is like feeding hot apple pie to whales, what would a wiki be?

Mrs. Rizzo said...

Okay, Jeff I think I have a reply for what a Wiki is....It's like this...A Wiki is like the happy whale that just ate it's apple pie...To get the apple pie, the apples needed to fall from the the tree contributed the apples. The flour to make the pie came from wheat, so the wheat contributed the flour. The sugar that helps make the pie sweet came from Sugar Cane, so the Sugar Cane contributed the sugar. The tin that holds the pie so it bakes nicely came from the minerals in the ground that were manufactured into aluminum, so the Minerals contributed the nice pie tin. The human moderated all of this to make sure it was acceptable for the Whale before feeding the pie to him. Hence a happy Wiki (Whale).
How's that? hee hee hee

Stein Brunvand said...

By George I think she's got it! Great explanation Pam.