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Monday, April 13, 2009

Funding Sources

I wrote about Donors Choose a while back (read short posting here) but I have recently come across some other similar sites that are designed to help connect teachers and schools with donors who want to provide new and/or used supplies for classrooms. iLove Schools and ClassWish are two other similar sites to check out when looking for supplies or funds, or if you are an individual in search of worthy causes.

iLove Schools allows teachers to create wish lists of equipment and other supplies. Donors can look through the wish lists and then send items, both new and used, to the specific teacher or school.

ClassWish is very similar in that users can create wish lists. Donors are able to donate the required funds for a particular item on a list directly online and then that item will be purchased and sent to the teacher.

Both of these sites allow you to search for a specific school and teacher and you can sign-up to track a school and/or teacher so that you are notified when a new item is added to their wishlist. As a parent, I would rather do something like this than be asked to participate in fund raisers where I'm expected to sell or buy various overpriced products that I have no use for.

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MikeH said...

This is like freecycle for teachers! A great idea that offers people an easy opportunity to help out when they can without further expectations. I may try to use this also just to see what comes of it. I ran out of color dry erase markers at the end of the year. Normally the school provides them, but our office only had black. It would have been great if, knowing of this simple shortcoming, a donor had purchased these for me and my students to use.

Mike 619