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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


MiEarth is a fairly new site that provides access to a growing selection of videos focused on the environment and what we can do to help keep it clean and healthy. The site is the result of a collaboration between the University of Michigan-Dearborn and Detroit Public TV. There are 5 main categories of videos to choose from. They are:
  • Green Team: Videos about environmental heroes throughout the state
  • Green Communities: Videos about the environmental work of local governments
  • Green Inc.: Videos about the environmental work of companies
  • My View: Personal videos from members and users expressing their viewpoints on the environmental challenges we face and offering their own solutions
  • For Kids: Educational videos on the environment for k12 students
You can link directly to different videos but currently there isn't the option to embed them in another site. You can also upload your own videos to the site and while I haven't tried this yet (I really don't have any of my own videos that are specifically about saving the environment) I would assume there is some kind of moderating that goes on to make sure the content is appropriate.

There is a small collection of teacher resources on the site that provides information and links to different environmental related activities, events and fieldtrips that teachers can plan or participate in with their students. The site is fairly new so the amount of resources and videos is still a bit small but this would be a nice resource to consider particularly if you are a teacher in Michigan, but also for teachers in other parts of the country and world.

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